How To Never Need Another Technique To Meet Women Again

November 5, 2008

I know guys from all spectrums of life.  Many are hooked on the internet postings in the so-called “seduction community”.  They tell me all about the tons of content now available online about meeting women.  But what constantly amazes me is how much of this material must be “deleted” from their heads in order for them to become great with women.


Because there is only one thing that happens when you allow yourself to keep on reading every blogpost, forum, and B.S. theory that’s out there… you actually get further and further away from your ultimate goal. 


Ultimately, every guy wants to attract women to him naturally and have choice in his life.  But guys tend to collect all kinds of information because they feel safer sitting at home reading about meeting women rather than actually going out and being the man that attracts women.  Reading too much online material leads you to believe that you need each and every technique in the world before heading out the door.


I’ve been a ladies’ man all my life.  None of my skills came from sitting at home studying “pickup” theories from the internet.  I was out there in the real world.  I rarely went online because I was too busy with an abundance of beautiful women, having fun and enjoying my life.


Guys, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Get out of your head.  Stop believing that techniques are your saving grace.  They are nothing but a crutch that keep you stuck at home, lonely and frustrated, surfing the internet.


What you need to do is start working on yourself.  Spend less time focusing on women and more time focusing on the man you want to be—a man who naturally attracts women to him.  A man who believes in himself and is sexually desirable.


So how do you become a sexually desirable man?  It begins with your mindset, and from there it trickles down to your body language, presence, and eye contact.  When you change your mindset, you change your belief and how you view the world.  Ironically, you also change how the world views you.


At the end of the day, it comes down to one question: What do you want?


If you want to learn a thousand lines and routines—and maybe have mediocre success with women, then keep on surfing the internet.  But if you want to have fun, be happy, enjoy your life, and attract more women than you can possibly handle into your life, then start focusing on yourself and what women really want: a sexually confident man, not a guy full of lines routines and techniques.


Get out of your head.  Get out of your house.  Get into a new reality by doing the work you need to do to become a sexually desirable man.

The Brick Wall That Prevents Guys From Being Great With Women

October 29, 2008

You can have beautiful women in your life—as many beautiful women as you want—if you’re willing to accept change.


A common theme with many guys I work with is resistance to change.  All of us were brought up with a certain set of beliefs about life and the world—some good, some bad, but all affected how we perceive ourselves.  Some of these beliefs came from our childhood religion, our parents, or society’s values in general.  These beliefs colored our existence and the life decisions that we made from childhood through early adulthood.


The guys who are most successful with women—like me—never let any of these beliefs affect us.  We never bought into the B.S.  We never followed the crowd.  We never did what we were told to do.


The guys that fell in lock step with the crowd (which is the vast majority) allowed these beliefs—beliefs that came not from within their true selves—to be carved into stone.  They fomented, crystallized, and in many cases hardened into a brick wall in guys’ belief systems.


When a guy comes to me and says, “Cory, I want to be great with women”, I start by asking lots of questions and digging deep into his life experiences.  When I do so, he and I are both often amazed at how much opportunity has been right in front of him, but the brick wall in his head is so thick that we need to do a lot of work together to knock it down and replace it with new beliefs that create new possibilities.


The problem is that most guys do not want to let go of the comfortable blanket of coziness in which they have wrapped themselves up their entire lives.  It’s much easier to hide inside the box you’ve built, wrapped up in your blanket, safe from the responsibilities of success.


With success in anything comes an escape from the person you used to be.  It can be a difficult and staggering task to say goodbye to that old self in whose blanket you have been kept so warm.


When I show guys a reality that they couldn’t possibly imagine before, such as hanging around with beautiful women twenty years younger than themselves, dating multiple women at once, or enjoying relationships with supermodels, guys often shut down because they fear letting go of their old self.


The center of this old self is a belief system that says that none of this is possible.  But when you condition yourself to accept that not only is it possible… it’s just another Friday night… your reality is literally rocked to the core.


This is why it’s so important to be open to and accepting of change.  Be willing to take chances.  We’ve all heard the term “No risk, no reward”, and I’m here to tell you that’s how to live a full life with an abundance of beautiful women.


You must take risks.  Risks are a critical part of every successful guy’s life.  Every guy who has ever been great at anything has had the courage to step out of his comfort zone and take chances.  The guys who don’t take chances will literally watch their lives pass by right in front of their eyes.  They will grow old and wonder how it happened while they sit on their rickety porch with a beer, chanting society’s mantra of “I wish I had…”


Don’t be an “I wish I had”.  Be an “I’m glad I did”.  With no regrets.


Accept change.  Love change.  Relish change.  Let go of your old self.  Enjoy your time here on earth.  We only get one chance at this thing called life.  Let’s live it to the fullest.


The decision is yours.  It’s up to you to knock down the brick wall that stands in your way.

Give Up Control To Attract More Women Into Your Life

October 24, 2008

I’ve noticed something about a lot of dating instructors who teach guys questionable methods to meet and date women:  They teach control.


What do I mean by that?  Simply, they want guys to believe that the way to make things happen with a woman is to control every situation.  For example, many instructors teach guys how to get a girl’s phone number… and they teach guys to get it as fast as possible. 


That’s wrong-headed thinking.


Because at the end of the day, the sexually desirable guy that just lets things happen may get less numbers but ends up with four times as many women… and the connection that he has with these women is extremely hot.


In fact, I teach guys not to get numbers, but rather to build such a sexually charged connection during the interaction that she can’t help but give you her number without your even asking for it.  This goes against conventional wisdom because there is a misguided belief that getting a number is the same as generating a sexually charged connection. 


Conventional wisdom also says that women do not call guys.  But I know for a fact that if you present yourself as a sexually desirable guy who has a “magnetic mindset”, you can give your number to a woman and she will call.   In fact, women call and text guys they like day and night.  This is a commonplace experience for my students.


Another example is talking too much.  Many dating instructors preach controlling the conversation with a woman by talking endlessly, whether you use rehearsed routines or not. 


Again, wrong-headed thinking. 


Ultimately, a woman wants to qualify herself to a man.  She does not want a man qualifying himself to her, which is what most guys do when they talk too much. 

Women love talking about themselves.  Why should we take that away from them?  Shut up and listen.  Some of the hottest interactions I’ve had with women have been hour-long conversations with me saying only five words.  It’s an easy way to build sexual chemistry.


Guys want a clear A-B-C roadmap for success with women, but I’m going to be in your face with this… it doesn’t work like that.  There is no formula for interacting or communicating with women.  Women are emotional beings.  They cannot be categorized into anyone’s “formula”.


But A-B-C thinking is what’s making the bankrolls of many dating instructors fat—attempting to teach guys that you can control each and every situation with either the right line or the perfect routine.


The reality is, we don’t have absolute control of anything.  The way to make things happen is to let things happen. 


Let it happen.

The One Thing Guys Should Never Stop Doing To Attract Women

October 24, 2008

One of my main tools for teaching guys how to be great with women is affirmations.  I have several different ways to apply affirmations into your life—ways that I’ve developed over a period of years.  (There are other techniques I teach as well, but affirmations are a universally accessible way to get started.)


During the process of acquiring a “magnetic mindset”, many of my students experience a subconscious block that prevents them from being consistent with affirmations.  They start applying them and begin to notice subtle changes in the way they behave and the reactions they get from other people.  Some of these changes are so far outside of their realities that it blows their minds.


This is scary for some guys.  It opens them up to a new world they never thought possible—a new world that is ripe with possibilities that they had never even considered before.   A new world that shatters what they’ve always believed.


So they stop.


But, I urge you to never stop your affirmations.  Affirmations are your lifeline.  They are your oxygen supply.  If you stop doing them, then you cut off your own air.


You can’t stop.


Earlier this summer, I personally experimented with stopping.  At first, I noticed no difference.  But after about three weeks, I began to have negative thoughts that caused me to make a few mistakes… mistakes I wouldn’t have normally made.


We are all the same.  Even with all my amazing success with women, in other areas of my life I still have a lot of old negative programming hidden in the back of my brain.  We all do.


If we stop our affirmations, we begin to drift backward to bad beliefs that date all the way back to our early childhoods.  It’s like the helmsman of a ship who abandons the wheel, hoping that the ship will automatically drift into port.


But we all know what will happen.  The winds and currents will drive that ship in random directions.  And yet that’s precisely what we allow to happen if we stop applying affirmations.


All your old thoughts and beliefs are deeply embedded in your subconscious mind.  By applying affirmations consistently, you slowly change those old limiting beliefs and take control of the direction of your life.  Affirmations keep you on course.


See, what I teach guys is a radical way to “detox” yourself from your past.  I show you how to build up such a strong defense so that no amount of negativity from others affects you at all.


That’s the power of affirmations (as well as other teaching methods I use) to completely turn your life around… and why you should never stop applying them.


I know a lot of this sounds New-Age-y, hocus pocus, or just plain fruity.


But it works.  Results don’t lie.


I’m not a scientist.  I don’t pretend to be one.  I haven’t done ten years’ worth of research in libraries to uncover the mechanisms behind this.


All I know is that it works.


It works for me.  It works for my students.  And that’s all I care about.  Using these methods, I have now personally changed the lives of guys all over the world.  As I often say, I didn’t think I could get this across to guys when I first started. 


But now, I know from experience that the guys who are willing to take a chance… to suspend disbelief and do what I tell them to do… have infused their lives with changes they never thought possible.


Your subconscious mind is a powerful mechanism… if you use it properly.  It will either make you or break you.


The best way I’ve found to communicate with this deep part of yourself is to do affirmations every day for an hour.  Yes, an hour!  It’s a very small amount of time when you realize the results you’re going to get.


Set aside a time in your day to apply affirmations the way I teach them.  I don’t care how busy you are.  This is too important.  It is the lifeline that fuels everything else you do.


If you do them every day, you’re one step closer to having the life you want.